ECOOP 2020
Mon 13 - Fri 17 July 2020 Berlin, Germany

Live and Exploratory Programming in Squeak/Smalltalk

Squeak is an open-source Smalltalk programming system (i.e., language, tools, applications) with fast execution environments for all major platforms. It features the Morphic framework, which promotes low effort graphical, interactive application development and maintenance.

Squeak inherits the capabilities for live and exploratory programming from its predecessor Smalltalk 80, which it extends to modern standards and new perspectives.

Many projects have been successfully created with Squeak. They cover a wide range of domains such as education, multimedia, gaming, research, and commerce.

The tutorial will give an introduction and demonstration of the Squeak/Smalltalk system as well as an explanation of the basic concepts of live and exploratory programming.

Participants will interactively steer the tutorial with thoughts and questions. They will brainstorm and discuss about common programming scenarios in the realm of exploration and short feedback loops.