ECOOP 2020
Sun 15 - Tue 17 November 2020 Online Conference
co-located with SPLASH 2020

Due to COVID-19, SOOP is postponed.

The war is over, it’s objects all the way down.

This year, 1997, marks the 30th anniversary of Simula, and thus of
object-oriented programming, the 25th anniversary of Smalltalk, and the
10th anniversary of ECOOP. We cordially invite all researchers,
practitioners, educators, and students interested in object technology to
attend ECOOP '97, the 11th European Conference on Object-Oriented
Programming, to be held on June 9 - 13, 1997, in Jyvskyl, Finland.
Boris Magnusson                                 Markku Sakkinen
Conference Chair                                Organizing Chair “

In 1997, we celebrated the victory of object-oriented programming. What has happened since? Has OOP been overtaken by FP? Will machine learning and artificial intelligence make us all obsolete? SOOP’20 brings together a set of intrepid invited speakers willing to take stock of the state of the OO world, recall some of our greatest achievements and embarrassing failures. Together with those invited presentations, a panel composed of students and renowned researchers will discuss challenges and opportunities ahead.

Call for Papers

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